New Updated Services

Wed Feb 09 2022 - 3:43:21 PM

New Updated Services

We have updated our offerings with new and improved services.

In our ever increasing effort to better serve our clients we are introducing a new monitoring and maintenance program. You will now see a small Trilotech icon in your lower right-hand taskbar. This icon is what allows us to remote in and assist you as well as do our regular maintenance.

In the upcoming weeks we will be introducing our new antivirus client and your current little blue shield icon will disappear. Along with this we will be implementing a new ticketing system. You will be able to right-click on the Trilotech icon and open a new service ticket as well as track your open tickets. Then we will be rolling out our O365 backup.

We appreciate your patience and hope that these new tools will help to increase your productivity, security and convenience. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

Posted By: Mark Thomas

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